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Three Colour Monoprint Workshop

Monoprinting using the three colour technique. A workshop with Jane Sampson at Brighton Print Fair on Friday 22 September.

By definition a monoprint is a one off print popular with artists because it is so expressive and versatile. The results are somewhere between a painting and a print. Experimenting with the technique can act as a great bridge between the two media and a fascinating introduction to printmaking.

This take on the  process is particularly exciting because it introduces the concept of layering one transparent colour on another (overprinting) to produce vibrant multicoloured images. The three colours used are cyan, magenta and yellow, the so called ‘process’ colours, these are used by printers to reproduce all the colours of the rainbow. Once you know the ropes it is a fast technique so you can expect to produce more than one beautiful colourful work of art during the day.

All equipment and material for the workshop will be provided but attendees are invited to bring some inspiration in the form of photographs or sketches to work from. For further details and booking please click here.

Jane Sampson is a well-known, established printmaker, teacher and author. She runs an open access studio in Hove called Inkspot Press.